Dell.Transform Post

Implementing designs into video imagery is a common ask from technology clients. For this project, Dell wanted to take it a step further, breaking the constraints of a normal screen-replacement job. This presented a unique challenge for the post team. But we were able to execute our clients vision seamlessly, and show the immersion that their products give to their users.

Pizza Hut.GSD&M

Alongside the killer team at GSD&M, I’ve worked on the Pizza Hut account as a motion designer since late 2020. My work at GSD&M exemplifies my skills as an executor. The job has variable timelines, expectations, and input from creatives. But time after time, we deliver on time and exceed our client’s expectations (however different from our own taste they may be).


This project was a homecoming of sorts for me. I started my professional career as a post production intern, and later a staff editor at Revelator. In 2024, they landed a job with Instagram and needed to hire on a motion designer and VFX artist. The good news for them is that I could fill both roles with a single payroll line. This campaign featured regional deliverables, as well as multiple social resizes, expectedly strict UI guidelines and endless touch-up requirements.

MLC Connect.Major Level Creative

The REDACTED in late 2019 and early 2020 rocked the media world by taking away our ability to connect in person. Major Level Creative was forced to pivot, and flip their MLCC conference from an in person event, to four 8 hour long daily livestreams. I joined the team as a motion designer and post-production generalist. I was tasked with creating the layout of the livestream overlays, and on-site support of the live production with quick-turn edits, and any other assets they might have needed.